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Hopes Dashed, Dreams Dying

August 13, 2007

Today, my dream of becoming the next American Idol had to die. Laid to rest near several varied yet less attainable goals, this dream had a good life and went peacefully. The same can’t be said of my attempt to be the first black woman in Congress, but that was always a bit lofty.

This dream died when I read a few online blogs and the FAQ section on the American Idol website. The nail in the coffin was the pricetag…$500 for the flight to North Carolina or a $300 tag on a driving road trip. Did I mention the road trip was 14 hours? Anyhoo…price, timing and lack of vacation time taken into account, AI is gone. I will spend the rest of my life watching the show, pining for stardom and drowning my sorrows in vats of Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie.

I wouldn’t be a very good celebrity in the first place. I don’t swear, I’ve never had a drunken episode in a million dollar car, and my private parts don’t slip from my clothing. I’m just no fun.

Goodbye dream. You were a good dream. You brought minutes of enjoyment to an otherwise uneventful day and I wish you safe passage. My only advice…watch out for “Become the First Paraplegic to win the Olympic High Jump.” That dream is still pretty bitter and she’s been known to get violent…

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