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Basketball and the 6:40 Southwest Flight

April 6, 2009

Basketball is the order of the day on this, the day of all things wonderful and good. The day the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will crown a winner. A day that will go down in infamy, should the Michigan State Spartans rise to the challenge. Oh please, oh please, oh please rise to the challenge!

I am amazed at the coaching skills of Tom Izzo. He gave his team one goal at the beginning of the season. Before the players set foot on the floor to begin practicing for the 2008-2009 season, he wrote the words “Ford Field” on a white board in the locker room. He set a vision before them and they have pursued relentlessly.

He also lets multiple players get a chance to help their team reach their goal. He regularly plays 10 players, allowing his team to not only be a little more aggressive (without fear of fouling out and leaving the team with no one to take their place) and giving his team the advantage near the end of the game when the other guys are tired.

A potentially monumentous day in Michigan’s history. And they can do it in Detroit, in front of the hometown crowd, with all of that “mo” riding behind them. So possible. So plausible. So perfect.

Oh, and my brother is coming home tonight for the Easter holiday! I miss my brothers so much, and although I haven’t had the opportunity to see Tyler very much, Brett’s more frequent visits sort of stem the tide until the next encounter. They have had a rough couple of weeks and things may be starting to come together. Tyler has an interview today for a position at a local resort, and Brett flies in to spend his vacation with us. My boys… always an adventure.

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