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Branding Encounter

July 8, 2009

I realize the rather pedestrian nature of this post will haunt me forever. I acknowledge this in advance in an effort to keep my multitudinous and myriad blog stalkers’  (I’m sorry, but like zero people read this)  snarky comments at bay. Get off my back, Blog Police! I get it. Really I do. My stuff should be more interesting.  I’m new here and you aren’t the boss of me.

This blog was created to chronicle the rise (please, Lord, don’t let that statement ever be finished by the words “and subsequent disastrous fall”) of a freelance graphic design and photography business. I figured I better start getting my stuff uploaded because I have a tendency to crash hard drives. I crash them real good. I have been known to actually wrap hard drives around trees. I once killed two computers in one day… ask my go-to IT guy who rides in on his white horse multiple times a day to rescue this damsel in distress.

Without further ado… here are some of my first attempts at a “Save The Date” that isn’t wedding related in any way. It’s a reminder that will be going out to everyone involved in the worship arts ministry at my church… we’re starting to host a quarterly training event for all of our peeps. Here’s to hoping it catches on!

This first one has a couple of variations. NOTE OF CAUTION: I overdid it on the orange in this round, but it’s so cheery and I just had a bunch of Cheetos. I am very easily swayed, subliminally.

EQ 1








EQ 2








Because I love orange and I because I love argyle, this little gem came about.  As this business develops (boy, oh boy, I am using the word “develops” loosely)  I will have to constantly remind myself not to insert my own likes/dislikes into my work.  It’s about the client.  This one goes in the THINGS TO LEARN FROM file but I like it so maybe I’ll use for something else someday.

Orange Q











So there you have it.  And none of the colors look right on the screen, but I learned a nice lesson about optimizing colors for web vs print.  Say what?  Yeah, I’m a nerd.   This feels like a pathetic first attempt, but I hope I can look back on this in 2 years and remark at how far I’ve come! 

Next time around I’ll post logo drafts for the same worship arts ministry.  I’m working on a full re-brand for all of the promotional and internal materials, so I’m building up lots of stuff. 

Oh stop, I can totally hear you!  You’re rolling your eyes and prattling on about how those stupid people sent a rookie to do a professional’s job, and how they can’t seriously be thinking about paying this dinglehopper for substandard design work.  Relax, dudes.  It’s all gratis.   Come to think of it, I should probably pay them to let me do this.

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