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More save the date badness…

July 15, 2009

I’m realizing that I didn’t optimize these photos for web viewing, so all the colors are coming out wonky.  As my grandmother Sweet Millie (God rest that gaseous little songbird’s soul) would say, “Ah, so.”   Sometimes she said it as a reminder that life goes on.  Sometimes I think she said it because it sounded like a cuss word.   She was a saint of a woman, but she had a potty mouth of an internal monologue.  Remind me to tell you the canasta story.  Doozie!   For now, I’m just going to post these junky looking pictures and say, “Ah, so.”  In the most “life goes on” sense of the phrase, of course.

The save the date project got SOOOO much better. And I didn’t steal anyone else’s ideas!! I am much happier with this set of cards, and we’re actually going to use one of them.  Note to self: take break from “beating of head against brick wall” and “eating body weight in cocoa caramel peanut butter rice crispy treats”…

I made a teaser with a couple of styles that I hoped might inspire something greater. They didn’t. 

 Q Logos











Then it moved into a pretty little argyle thing, but “pretty” wasn’t exactly our intended design aesthetic.












And finally, our last delicious morsel of goodness!  This was the winner, and there are two different versions… one with lots of info and another without.  I really love this one and I’m so glad they chose to go with it!   It’s nice when people think your babies are pretty.  Better than saying, “Oh, wow… that’s a baby!” (Seinfeld, anyone??)

Multi Q three











Multi Q four












Lastly, I have some super duper news. I realize I am sharing this news with absolutely no one because no one reads this, but I am saying it anyway!  Wait for it…. here it comes…. ok…. I HAVE MY FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY CLIENT!!!  In one week, I am meeting with some of my favorite people of all time to photography their beautiful family at a lakefront house.  I am absolutely thrilled and cannot wait to spend time with these great people.  They have gorgeous kids and they all love to laugh, so I’m convinced we will get some great shots.  More to come on that very soon.

Peace, love, and green beans,


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