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Boys of Summer

August 4, 2009

This past weekend the softball team from my church won their summer league championship. It was a pretty spectacular feat considering they had been at a tournament (an hour away) all day and then came back to play this local game at 10:50 pm. They were crowned the official winners at about 12:30 am. Everyone was pretty tired, but the fellas pulled off a really great game!


I am interested in the welfare of this team for two reasons. The first is familial – my illustrious papa is the coach, my statistically-gifted mama keeps score, and my slick-as-snot, super-at-all-sporting-events-while-his-sister-remains-decidedly-mediocre-at-everything brother plays on the team.

Second, it gets me off the couch two nights a week.

I apologize if you were operating under the impression that I have a busy social calendar. I don’t.

Anyhoo… back to this weekend! Here are some great pictures of the festivities. A little softball and a lot of precious baby faces. Sorry.

Let visual snacktime commence:

Great epic shots with ominous skies and an interesting point of view.  And it was all a very happy accident!  

Epic Hox

This is the way they start every game.  It’s a mysterious tradition that includes a secret team handshake and probably a bunch of grunting.  I’m fairly certain someone in the huddle throws a fart or two in there, too.  But they are boys and it helps them win, so I’m not complaining.  And they are far enough away that I don’t have to smell it.  

Gamers Yeah

The Boys of Summer


My papa, the coach. Isn’t he cute????!!!

The Coach

 Oh, the babies.  So many babies.  I love them so…




Dana & Ally

Aidan & Lilla

Staci & Austin

Hal & Lex


Lilla Joy


Ally pockets

Some of these photos were edited using actions from The Pioneer Woman.  She’s essentially my hero.  Read her “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” love story on her site and I guarantee you will cry.  Unless you have a heart of stone, in which case you’ll stare blankly at the screen and decide to never read my blog ever again.  Ever.  I never liked you anyway.

To download her actions for frizzle (free), visit the Pioneer Woman Photography site.

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