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Health Care Reform

August 10, 2009

I know this isn’t a political site, and I am not usually one for politics. But I also made a point, when I voted in this past presidential election, to be more informed about the state of our government and the bills being passed. With zero chance to even form an opinion before having the financial and automotive bail-outs forced on me, I feel like I have to make my voice heard on the Health Care reform currently being pushed through in Congress. We have limited time to fight against this reform that is so counter-intuitive to Democracy that we all know and cherish. The idea of socialist health care is far too close to the early days of Communism for my comfort. I realize that Canada is not a country under Communism, and they have a government-mandated health care system, but Canadians are also crossing the borders into America every day to obtain the health care they cannot access in their own country. Their pets have 24-7 access to cutting edge surgical and medical technologies, but actual humans have to wait more than 24 hours for specialized care to be approved. Isn’t that interesting, especially because it isn’t the dog paying the tax bill every year?

To read the actual Health Care bill (it’s wordy!) see here.

Anyway, the language of these proposed changes institutes a change in our health care that has no room for challenge, appeal or oversight. There are no checks and balances in this system. What the government says is what goes. There will be no competitive market for affordable rates or specialized levels of care. The government will mandate medical salaries, and it won’t matter that a doctor is the best on the planet… they will not be rewarded for talent, determination or education. Instead, a doctor spending decades developing a specialization that may one day save your life could be paid the same as the kid fresh from med school that can barely perform phlebotomy (drawing blood).

Oh, and did I mention that the top advisor running the health care show believes in euthanasia?  Another top aide believes in slowing innovation as a way to cut costs.  For all with cancer or other diseases without cure, slowing innovation could be the difference between life and death. 

There will also be significant kick-backs to companies like the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which have a long history of working closely with our President in his early days of politics.  ACORN, along with Americorps, is set to be the organization responsible for registering every citizen for the government health care plan.  Nothing about the situation feels right. It feels like a deal struck in the backroom of the White House, perhaps while utilizing some of President Obama’s super-useful “cocktail diplomacy.” 

So, as I am trying to be a more informed citizen I thought I would just share my letter to my Congressman.  I will also be forwarding this over to my Senator.  My email to Congressman Sandy Levin simply said:

“Mr. Levin,

I urge you to consider a strong vote (and rallied support) against the upcoming Health Care reforms being proposed to Congress.

As a tax-paying citizen, I believe I have a voice in our government. I also believe in democracy, which means that my voice must be heard through you. I hope and pray you will hear the pleas of the constituency and fight against the grievous proposals that will be set before the Congress after the August recess.

The proposed reforms on health care and subsequent move to government-mandated care are moving too quickly, with little oversight or concern for future ramifications. As evidenced by the financial and automotive sector bail-out programs, fast action with no discussion ends negatively. Our government is based on a system of checks and balances, and until all of the checks and balances have been initiated, this reform should not be instituted.

Far too much of the language and far too many of the proposed changes lead to a socialized program that is eerily reminiscent to Communism. The fact that the program bans any sort of competition or appeal to the process leads me to believe that our government does not take it’s people seriously. Does Congress truly believe it’s people will not stand up to fight against something so obviously counter-intuitive to Democracy?

Again I say, please take a stand against the health care reform. I do not believe we have the perfect system as it stands, but I also cannot support a system with zero accountability, automated service that sees the dollar before the individual, and that stands to make substantial revenue for company’s too closely linked to our President (namely, ACORN).

Please take my message seriously and vote against this issue. I know I am not the only person in our great state to feel this way, and I humbly request that you hear the plea of the people you represent.”

Who knows if something like that will ever matter?  Who knows if my communication will ever be read, taken seriously, or counted?  But as a citizen in what I believe to be the greatest country in the world, I felt it was my duty to stand up and make my tiny little voice heard.

Power to the people,


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