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Seattle Part 5 – The Best for Last

August 18, 2009

The final piece of my 5-part series on the epicness that is Seattle. 

This last time, we’re going to focus on Magnolia Boulevard West.   In my humble opinion, a much more desirable locale than 5th Avenue, Sunset Boulevard or Mulholland Drive.

Every night, my aunt takes her precious little Lakeland Terrier, Dot, on a walk down Magnolia.  Dot is an oddball because she will only walk on the left side of people.  She will actually adjust and wrap her little leash right around you if you wander to the wrong side.  She also hides under shrubbery, so she’s got other problems, but she’s a gorgeous little pup.  She warmed up to me after a while and actually let me pet her by the end of the weekend!  In her defense, she was not socialized in her first home, and after my aunt rescued her she had a miraculous turnaround. 

So, on our walks down Magnolia you see some stuff like this…

The Pacific Madrona tree, trees with a drastically dwindling population.  They run amok on Magnolia, though.

Or perhaps sunset on Puget Sound (I swoon…)

Or just a really nice view from the top of the bluff…

And now to the houses, many of which are pretty spectacular.  The best part about the Pacific Northwest is that the weather makes for breathtaking plant life. 

I know, right?!  Book a flight people!  If you hurry, you might get there on a day when the weather is clear enough to see all the way to Mount Rainier.  What?  You say impossible?  Nay, friend.  Nay.

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