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Tiger Fever!!

August 25, 2009

It’s not a creepy disease where you sprout stripes and a tail… it’s the way I feel about Detroit Tigers baseball.  I wig for it.  I flip for it.  It’s bananas, Gwen Stefani style… B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 

Here are some pho-tos of our family trip to see the Tigers play the Mariners on August 18.  We went with our friend who is a property manager over 23 Meijer stores in the area.  He had some of the Meijer tickets, and he’s working closely with my dad to supply a lot of perishables and refrigeration units for his non-profit organization .  We got great seats along the thirdbase line, about 30 rows up.  Beautiful weather, the Tigers won in a close one, Raburn was stealing bases like nobody’s business… so fun!

This is T-boz’s face when I asked, “How excited are you right now?” before the game started.  Obviously, very.

Ty sepia

Mom and pops waiting for the game to start.

Mom & Pop

My friend D-wayne works on the grounds crew as a second job.  A couple of years ago he was assigned to the bullpen, and during a rain delay he got to go out on the field and play stickball with a bunch of the pitchers.  Coolest job ever!


This year’s golden boy, Rick Porcello.  This was his triumphant return to the ball park after getting hit with a 5-game suspension for a bench-clearing brawl between him and Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox).  He gained even more fans than ever when he absolutely threw Youkilis to the ground and made him look silly 🙂


Another pitching all-star, Fu-Te Ni.  With a pink backpack.  And there’s a story behind it.

fu te ni

My Tiger, Curtis Granderson.  He’s basically the epitome of cool. 


Shortstop Adam Everett.  I call him Junior because he reminds me of a character in my favorite movie of all time, “Lone Star State of Mind”.  It’s probably not a compliment, but I don’t mean it to degrade him at all.  I, in fact, like him quite a lot.


I am stating for the record that Clete Thomas is officially in the running for my third Tiger.  He’s really coming through for the team this year.  And he plays country music when he comes up to bat.  Duh.


Clete Thomas, Carlos Guillen, Placido Polanco and Adam Everett chatting before the game.

The Boys

Curtis Granderson and Miguel Cabrera.

grandy & cabrera

Detroit skyline… looks so nice from far away!




They were doing a fundraiser for a charter school in Detroit that night.  They have a great little choir that sang an amazing version of the Star Spangled Banner.  Really super.  I have a video of it, but it is so shaky it would make you sea sick. 

cornerstone schools choir

I guess the school ran a contest for some of the students where the prize was to take a Tiger’s place on the field before the game.  It was cutest little thing watching these little kids race onto the field.  The players jogged out to meet them and brought each of them an autographed ball and chatted with the kids for a minute.  It was so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes.  One of those things those kids will never forget. 

new fielders

Guillen and his substitute

guillen & kid

Everett and his substitute

everett & kid

Granderson and his substitute

grandy & the kid


Grandy in the outfield

grandy in field

My second Tiger, Mr. Brandon Inge.  He and Curtis are so close in the running that sometimes it’s too tough to call.


Pops with his rally cap on

chetty rally cap

B-Dizz rallying the boys to victory

Brett rally cap

B-Dizz and his chica of choice, Princess Buttercup. 

Brett & Katie

T-Boz’ rally cap

Tyler rally cap

Doesn’t this make you want to go to skip work and head out to the stadium today?  Go for it!

seats vintage

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