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Baby C – The Littlest Greek

September 15, 2009

Friends of mine had a 1st birthday party for their son this weekend.  I was hired to photograph the blessed event.

Now, these friends are Greek.  And when I say Greek, I mean Greek Greek.  The whole party was half in English and half in Greek.  It was a little like the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine goes to the Korean nail salon and can’t understand what they are saying and finally brings George’s dad in to translate and finds out they are saying terrible things about her.  Except this time I knew they weren’t saying anything about me!  🙂  The family was so nice and very friendly. They all made me feel so welcome and the kids at the party were beyond adorable.

Our little man, “C”, was awesome.  He laughed and giggled and played.  He smiled at everyone, was so cute during cake time, and basically spent the rest of the party playing with a soccer ball in an empty kiddie pool.  Children are so easily amused.

I don’t want to publish these pictures because it was a private party, not a photo shoot, and I feel a little weird about putting their family on the web without their permission.  But I can’t have a blog post without pictures!  So here are a couple of the little family…

Chris Baros Birthday 9-13-09 989 vintage

Chris Baros Birthday 9-13-09 810

Chris Baros Birthday 9-13-09 466

Chris Baros Birthday 9-13-09 475

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