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Photo Class

September 15, 2009

I have been really excited about taking a three-session photography class with some of my favorite Detroit-area photographers, Prem & Cheridy from Arising Images.   Last night I walked into their home studio and was greeted by their nearly two-year-old son, Mayz.  He entertained us for a while until everyone got there, singing his ABC’s and dancing and laughing.  He’s the perfect kid for photographer’s with a home studio, that’s for sure!  

Prem is a local wedding photographer and he’s been doing it full-time for about 3 years.  He was an engineer with GM for about 10 years and hated every minute of it because it wasn’t a passion for him.  He started taking landscape photos while traveling on his vacation time and found that he really loved it.  However, he didn’t know what he was doing and none of his pictures were turning out like he thought they should be.  So, with the encouragement of Cheridy, he invested in some good equipment, took a photography class at night, and started doing shoots of kids and families.  Then he got into wedding photography, and has since been voted Detroit’s Best Wedding Photographer several times.  He has a great editorial style and really works to capture the personality of his clients.  He has a large amount of differing experience and never turns down a job.  He shoots high school senior portraits, newborns, families, engaged couples, weddings, commercial advertisements, landscapes, fine art,  

When I saw that he was offering a photography class to cover the basics of the camera and settings, I jumped right on it.  And after leaving last night I am glad I did it.  But I went straight to bed when I got home because my brain was aching!  SO MUCH INFORMATION!  But I’m getting very excited for the next two classes because we are doing a lot of hands-on stuff and then having some of our pictures analyzed and photoshopped.  He’ll critique our work and help us figure out what we’re doing right or wrong.  It’s going to be really beneficial to me, I’m sure.  And he also offers some extended one-on-one classes to show how he achieves his “look”, how to run a busines, etc.  I may take advantage or I may not, but either way I think I’ve already learned enough to make it worth my investment.

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