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East Family

September 16, 2009

My friends Shannon and Tim asked me to take family pictures for their Christmas card. But they wanted summer pictures so we could all remember warmer weather when we’re covered in coats and blankets.  They arranged for us to take pictures at the lovely home of our friends who live on Lake St. Clair. Their backyard is beautiful, the view is spectacular, and they finished up a couple of landscaping projects just in time for the photo shoot.

The thing to know about Shannon and Tim’s family is that they are Hilarious (yes, that’s with a capital “H”). The kids are funny, Tim is funny, Shannon is funny. They all laugh at each other. They all make each other laugh. So they are a great family, but it was hard to get any shots where they were all doing what they were told! In almost every picture, one of them was making a silly face or doing something weird with their legs or crossing their eyes or looking the wrong way on purpose. Then I had a full-on posing session with Noelle, who had been practicing her modeling just for this occasion. It was a great night, filled with happiness, and I managed to get a few great pictures.

The cap to a beautiful evening was a lovely dinner prepared for us by our hosts. We had lasagna, salad and garlic bread and it was yumm-o! Many thanks to Daryl and Carol for countless hours of work in preparation for our arrival. And thanks to the East family, for making me laugh again and again.

Here are a couple of outtakes and landscape shots. I’m not allowed to publish the pictures until after Shannon sends out her Christmas cards.  Look for a full post in December or January.
You’ll see here, Tim is trying to make his eyebrows go up. This was apparently a very important step in his readiness for taking the picture!



Would have been lovely, Nate. Thanks for that.

family silly 2


Like father, like daughter…

family silly


Don’t let Tim get ahold of a windsock. Trust me.

tim with windsock

tim with windsock3

tim with windsock2


Some of Nate’s best stuff.

nate posing


Here, Tim asks me over and over again how I want him to point his toes… “Down or up, Stef? Down or up?” And Shannon keeps saying, “Tim, just put your toes however you want them and smile!”  And Noelle decides to do both up and down.  And Nate just stares me down.

fam feet

Basically Shannon is the only one I can trust. She’s a good girl!

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