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Utter Cider Mill Cute-osity (totally a word)

November 3, 2009

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and then forgot to post it!!

When cider mill season hits in Michigan, it’s completely irresistible.  It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been trampled by the hoards.  It doesn’t matter that you pay $30 for a bushel of apples (in case you’re wondering, a bushel isn’t that much).  It doesn’t matter that last year you paid $10 per person to get into the stupid little kiddie playland that smells like cow manure and leaves your children covered in hay.  You go.  It’s just what you do.

Well, I went.  I can legitimately say that I did not go for “fun” because I was meeting a family there for a pho-to session.  But it still cost me $10 to get in and my parking spot was a full football field away from the building.   I still waited 10 minutes in line to get into playland, and I considered waiting to buy a $4 caramel apple and $7 gallon of cider until the 50-person line dissuaded me.

The bright side of this uplifting story of corporate greed and organic scamming techniques… a beautiful little girl with a sparkling personality and a great pair of shoes!   I play softball with her mom, Heather, and when they contacted me for pictures, I was really excited. 

I need to come clean first and tell you that I met them a week prior and did a full pho-to shoot, then when I went to review the pics I realized that I never had a memory card in the camera. 


It’s the truth.  Yes, I’m that stupid sometimes!  I guess now I know what it means when the screen says, “Demo”.  I just thought I hit some weird button and I would figure it out later.  And, boy, did I figure it out.

But it’s a lesson learned, and luckily Heather is a great sport.  She just laughed at me and we decided to meet up the next week when she would be there with some of her extended family.  The great part was that her husband was able to come, so they now have some of the first family pictures they have ever had!  It worked out better than planned, and all it cost me was the free 8×10 I offered to make up for my ineptitude!  That’s cheap, if you ask me.

DSC_0719 vintage



DSC_0567 bw


Heather’s cousin and her kids were along for the ride, too.  The little guy was beyond adorable and completely enamored with the train…


And this little chickadee was cracking me up the whole time.  As we were riding in the back of the minivan, she told me all about gravity and how we can’t fall off the earth, even if we’re upside down and we jump off!


DSC_0714 bw

DSC_0821 70s

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