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Turdy girl…

November 4, 2009

Ah, Robyn.  My most inappropriate friend.  Henceforth and hitherto the friend with a VERY special place in my heart.  It’s really hard to not like her.  Even when she told me that when she first saw me, she thought I was dating my brother because we were always together.  I still like her.  Even when she takes horrible pictures of me and then posts them all over Facebook.  I still like her.  Really, it’s a losing battle so I’ve decided to move onto more achievable goals.  Like an attempt to procure a multi-million dollar record deal.  Or trying to fit into my college pants by next week.

Robyn and her husband Jason are the bomb-dig.  I love being around them because Jason just laughs all the time.  And Robyn spent the entire photo shoot trying to get her daughter to smile (losing battle) and apologizing for the kids being a “turd”.   Her son was an angel and did exactly what I wanted without complaining about the cold.  A total champ.  And of course Robyn was posing every time she heard the shutter button.  I was trying to catch candids but Robyn was determined that I wouldn’t catch her bad side (which she claims has a crater?) or have any pictures with her making a weird face.  Don’t you worry… I caught that weird face and put it right up on Facebook.  So, ha!

Anyway, Robyn and Jason are moving to California in January.  Boo.  I am pretty sad about it, but so lucky that I could take their lovely family out on the coldest day of the year to commemorate their last family pictures in Michigan.  I’m hoping for a location shoot somewhere around San Diego next year about this time… (hint, hint).



DSC_0069 bw

DSC_0095 bw



DSC_0260 70s

DSC_0479 2




DSC_0577 bw

DSC_0590 vintage

DSC_0633 heartland

DSC_0294 bw


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