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I love Italian-Mexicans. They're so cute!

November 24, 2009

Pardon the inherent Political Incorrectness of the above statement, but it’s a true story and I speak the truth.  So it’s my story.  I’m nothing if not logical.

My lovely friend Angela (who has been shamelessly plugging for an engagement to her boyfriend Nick for 3 years now) asked if I would take pictures of her family.  This included her mom and dad, her three sisters, and also the fiancees/husbands/boyfriends/children of the sisters.  Suffice it to say that there were lots of cute people with shiny hair and gorgeous eyes.  And that’s just the girls…

First off… let me contribute to the engagement madness.  NICK!  MARRY THIS WOMAN!  I’m pretty sure if you lose her, you won’t get this lucky the second time around.

DiTrapani 406

DiTrapani 383 bw 8x10

DiTrapani 006

Okay, now I’ll move onto the family. I just had to do my best to help out my girl Ang.

DiTrapani 055

DiTrapani 053 bw 8x10

DiTrapani 349

Mom and Dad

DiTrapani 072

Gena & Jason’s gorgeous little crew

DiTrapani 094

DiTrapani 100

DiTrapani 230

This little man was such a great sport! He did everything I asked, and he smiled so sweetly. He had just been Harry Potter for Halloween the night before, so we tried to cover up the leftover remnants of his lighting bolt scar.

DiTrapani 214

DiTrapani 328

DiTrapani 119 bw

Maria & Michael

DiTrapani 304

DiTrapani 027

DiTrapani 018

Daddy and his girls

DiTrapani 338 8X10

DiTrapani 336 bw

Mama and her babies

DiTrapani 173

Sisters, sisters…

DiTrapani 147 heartland 8x10

Princess Rosie

DiTrapani 193

LEAF FIGHT!! (I feel a theme in these last few posts…)

DiTrapani 490

DiTrapani 461

DiTrapani 466

DiTrapani 486

DiTrapani 504

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