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He has his own theme song.

November 27, 2009

So my friend Erin (who has been shamelessly promoting me to all of her friends and I couldn’t be more grateful) asked me to take family pictures.  Let me first say that I love Erin. We’ve been friends as long as I can remember and she’s just great.  She’s currently in a super tough Physician’s Assistant program at University of Detroit Mercy, while raising an infant and making a home for her family.  She’s rad.

Add in the fact that her husband Allen is a seriously cool dude.  He simply goes by “Hox”.  He wears soccer socks to play softball.  He runs so fast, sometimes you can’t see him.  A kid that used to be in his class (he’s a teacher) was so enamored with him that he spent a month rubbing his face non-stop because Hox told him that’s how you grow a beard. He’s that cool.

Now, let’s throw in the coolness that is Skylar.  His dad refers to him as legendary.  He had 12% muscle mass as a 1-month old when most other babies that age have about 1%.  He is 5 months old and wears 12 month clothes.  He sits up by himself.  He smiles non-stop.  He laughs belly laughs until he literally tips himself over.

And he has a theme song.  I know, right?!

Granted, this theme song was written by yours truly, but it’s legit and I’ve been singing it to him since he was 2 months old.  My brother has another song that he sings to him.  And he LOVES when we sing his song!!  He smiles and laughs and looks right at us as soon as we start singing.  He just knows.  Because he’s cool.  And cool people know stuff.

DSC_0018 heartland 46




DSC_0176 bw

DSC_0202 bw

I’m cute.  You know it. 


DSC_0370 bw

Are you seeing these eyelashes?

He totally loved this leaf… like, LOVING the leaf.

I feel like he should be on ETrade commercials…
DSC_0501 bw

His mommy really loves him
DSC_0246 bw

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