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Christmas hilarity

December 16, 2009

Dave Barnes is not only a great singer/songwriter, he’s a downright hilarious guy.  I saw him in concert a few weeks ago… laughed a lot, even cried a little.  Trust me when I say, he’s good people.

My friend Melissa and I had volunteered to run the merchandise table so we could get into the show for free.  (NOTE: This show also featured a really great opening act, Ben Rector.)  After the show, Dave and the band kind of hang out and meet the fans, so we got to see how they interact with people.  Actually, we got to see how insanely stupid girls are when face-to-face with cute musicians, no matter how married these said musicians are.  As an incurable people-watcher, this was pure bliss to me. 

We weren’t really participating in all the silliness (I’m not the starstruck type) but once we had all the merchandise back in the containers and were ready to walk out the door, Dave took a moment to thank us for our help. Through sheer happenstance, we ended up discussing the possibility of me running his 2012 Presidential Campaign.  I’m really looking forward to the challenge.

So anyway, enjoy this little bit of entertainment.  These literally make me cry with laughter every single time I watch them.  And believe me, I’ve watched them a LOT.

Another note… this isn’t really the way he talks 🙂

Christmas Extravaganza Part Uno

Christmas Extravaganza Part Dos

Christmas Extravaganza Part Tres

Christmas Extravaganza Part Quatro

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