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Christmas Decor Extravaganza

January 5, 2010

I know it’s a little late to be posting about our Christmas decor, but the tree is still up.  That means it’s still the holidays.  That means it’s okay to post about the holidays on January 5.  So there. 

Actually, we had a few friends drop by yesterday and they were commenting at how great the tree looked (although, I sensed their silent admonition about not taking the tree down on New Year’s Day) and I told them I wasn’t taking it down until February.  It’s just so dang pretty… and so dang big.

We moved into this house in September of 2004, and since that time we’ve been putting up larger-than-life live trees in our 22-foot-tall great room.  The slope of the roof makes it so we can’t go any higher than around 17 feet with a tree, but last year’s tree scratched the ceiling in multiple spots.  We think it was close to 18 feet.  But it was also a nasty tree with horribly stiff needles that actually drew blood on my arms as I put the lights on.  I did NOT like that tree.

This year’s tree is different.  It’s special.  It has tons of personality.  And the needles are soft!  So, here it is.  The 15-foot live tree, chopped down from a friend’s secluded forest land in Mio, Michigan in late November and given new life as a beautiful Christmas tree. 

(Let me apologize in advance… for some reason I took ALL of my holiday pictures on 3200 ISO, which means I have tons of grainy, noisy pictures.  Oh well.)

Christmas 2009_0032
Consider that the mantel is over my head, and I’m 5’10”.   This tree is gimungous, to say the least.

Christmas 2009_0030
But isn’t it great, with it’s little branches sticking out all over?  I really loved this tree.

Some of my favorite ornaments…

Christmas 2009_0044
Little stocking cap

Christmas 2009_0043
Grape bunches made of jingle bells and thick metal wire curls.  We have 5 or 6 in lime green and a second set in gold. 

Christmas 2009_0037
The grape bunches tie for my favorite ornaments with these great little beaded numbers.  I feel like the tree is wearing 15 dangly, chandelier earrings!  We have them in cream and also in a deep green.  They are really elegant touches on a fairly rustic tree.

Christmas 2009_0051
We have some great wooden, copper, and dark metal ornaments that have the handmade look.  A TON of dark green, bright green, gold, and burgundy round ornaments (in a mix of matte and shiny) mix with three types of ribbon and a wooden cranberry garland. 

Christmas 2009_0045
A better shot of the grape bunches.  Although for some reason another little guy was stuck to this one when the picture was taken?  I don’t condone this sort of behavior in my decorations.  Little glittery twisty stick has since been instructed to straighten up and fly right.  (Oh, yeah, my mom picked up a million of those little glittery twisty sticks at Walmart for so cheap and they made a great addition to the ends of branches.  They were really light and didn’t weigh them down at all.)

Christmas 2009_0036
These little alpine trees and a stuffed moose go on top of the window on the other side of the fireplace.  We still haven’t figured out a good system for hiding the cord that doesn’t involve installing a new plug above the soffit.  Good thing we aren’t real concerned…

Christmas 2009_0063
This is a new vase I found for my mom at Pier 1 on clearance (I think $27) and it’s HUGE!  Maybe two-and-a-half feet tall and it weighs about 10 pounds. 

Christmas 2009_0062
The new vase fits our 6-foot-long glittery ting just right.  I usually stick the giant ting into the tree, but this year’s tree was rather skinny so most of the ends of the ting would have been sticking out the other side of the tree.  We liked it this way even better!

Christmas 2009_0072
These are our cute little stockings and stocking holders.  I love them!   Also, the willow branch tree on top of the mantle usually holds all of our christmas cards that we receive throughout the season, but we never got around to taking it down and putting the cards on.  Maybe next year.  Or tomorrow, since it’s still Christmas at our house.

Christmas 2009_0071
Clearly the cable knit stocking is new!  My mom didn’t like her old stocking, so she replaced it… she’s funny like that.

I plan to have another post about our Christmas traditions, but for now I’m going to stick to the decor theme!  So, in the spirit of decorating and keeping things beautiful, here is a giveaway I saw on Completely Coastal today.  Make sure to head over to their latest post and you might win one of these:

Handmade Sail Pillow

Or this.  I don’t drink, but some people dig this sort of thing… although I could use it for Mountain Dew…hmmm

Sailcloth Wine Bag

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