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Chubby Bunnies

January 8, 2010

Remember that game?  Anyone?  In elementary school we used to put marshmallows in our mouths, one at a time, and with each additional marshmallow trying to pronounce the words “chubby bunnies” clearly to the audience.  I had a friend that was amazing at that game, due in large part to her squirrel-esque cheeks.  I still feel a twinge of jealousy.

I did a photo shoot before Christmas to get some good Christmas card shots for some friends.  Their kid gives my friend’s cheeks a run for her money any day. 

Seriously, how cute is he??


DSC_0125 bw


DSC_0081 bw 810

DSC_0063 bw

DSC_0185 bw

DSC_0173 810



DSC_0251 810


Just a quick reminder that children’s photography isn’t always sweet smiles and fun… 73 versions of “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” later, he was no longer amused. Poor buddy. We definitely woke him up from a good nap to endure all this torture.



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