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April 23, 2010

……… oh, sorry!  Whenever I hear “cupcakes” my eyes glaze over and I go into a sugar-induced comatose state.  🙂

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my love for cooking, but it’s followed closely by a “like” for baking.  I have never been great at baking because it usually involves precise measurements, patience while things cool, taking care to not overmix…. too much work!  I like cooking because you can throw in a little extra here and there, eat it while it’s still hot, reheat it 2 days later and it sometimes tastes even better…  that’s my kind of food.

However, my feelings about cupcakes are completely different.  I really love them.  I don’t bake them often enough because I don’t have a way to insure they aren’t wasted, but I love looking up recipes and ideas.  If I ever came into money, the first thing I’d do is buy a house with a HUGE kitchen, hit up a restaurant supply store and the closest Sur La Table, and get to baking every kind of cupcake under the sun.  I’d go crazy with cupcake liners, fondant in every color, and cupcake pans in all the various sizes.  And don’t get me started on the overflowing bins of flour, sugar, cookie cutters, parchment paper and food coloring.  It would be bad news, friends.  Well, actually, for my friends I hope it would be good news because they would be receiving dozens of cupcakes every week!!

I digress.  My real reason for this post is to show you my latest creation!  I was part of a group that put together a golf-themed bridal shower for a friend, and I volunteered to make dessert.  Although the process took WAY longer than expected, the outcome was not only delicious… it was pretty dang cute!  I was so happy with these little babies, and I thought I’d let you see what happens when I get to spend the day alone in a commercial kitchen with my iPod on shuffle and tons of counter space at my disposal…


I had so much fun learning about fondant, and messing up an entire batch of vanilla cupcakes, and overmixing the buttercream icing, and cutting the edges off of non-uniform cakes, and making little sand traps from brown sugar… the 3-hour job that ended up taking more like 6 was totally worth it and they were a hit! HOORAY!


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