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What to Wear

Click here for my Spring 2011 wardrobe suggestions.

Click here for suggestions for Class of 2012 Seniors.

A photographer’s dream… color, color, color and more color.  But not necessarily in that order or quantity!  The hardest part of the equation is mixing it all together artfully, so it doesn’t look like a crayola box threw up all over your family.  I apologize.  That was a little gross. 

The key to combining a good multi-person wardrobe is to find one or two common colors and make sure they show up somewhere in most or all of the pieces.  Jewel tones (deep, saturated shades of color) are great for bright, energetic pictures.  You can usually mix most jewel tones without clashing.  Find those colors in plaid or striped patterns, then mix and match with polka dots and solids (vests, scarves, headbands) to really play up the colors. 

Here are some jewel tone swatches to help you see what I’m talking about…


And here are a couple of perfect examples of mixing colors and patterns together.  It’s easy once you try!


If you really want to pull one color as a “base” color, go fot it!  But don’t dress everyone in solid blue.  Instead, pick several shades and patterns and mix them together.  Check out the pictures below for great examples of mixing shades, solids, stripes, argyle, and  plaid…. don’t be scared! 


Pick out a fun accessory, like a cool hat or a bright flower on a headband.  Or try some colorful shoes that don’t really seem to match at all.  You’ll be surprised how cute it looks on camera!


Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy all new clothing.  Go through what you have and put things together in a different way than you ever have before.  The most important thing is to have fun with it.  If you don’t feel comfortable, throw a few ideas into a laundry basket and bring it to the shoot… I’ll pick for you!   Just let me know if that’s how you want to play it so we make sure to integrate outfit-planning time into our session schedule.

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