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Fall 2010 – What to Wear!

August 23, 2010

Fall 2010 is right around the corner!!! I can actually smell the cider, hear the crack of the football shoulder pads, feel the crunch of leaves under my feet… who else is excited?!

My adoration for fall and cozy sweaters led to my “What to Wear – Fall 2010 Edition” and I hope it inspires you! These are put together with an eye for family/engagement portraits. I will put together another one for high school seniors, so keep your eyes out for that one!

Without further ado…

Fall 2010 What to Wear

Go forth and shop!


September 10 & 11 Mini Sessions!! – {Michigan Family Photographer}

August 18, 2010

The Mini Sessions are back, and this time I’m going all out!  I’m planning to offer 8 different dates, with 4 appointments available on each day.  That’s a LOT of sessions and I want to fill them all!   The ad below highlights the session taking place on the evenings of September 10 & 11.  If you can’t make that date, keep watching… more sessions to come! 

You might even get a freebie… if you play your cards right! 


Music Monday

August 9, 2010

This week’s favorite song!  This super talented sibling group knocks my socks clean off…

i ♥ faces – Faces & Flowers

May 17, 2010

Once again, I’ve got an entry for the i ♥ faces contest!  They’ve had some really great contests lately and I haven’t had the time to put anything good together, but this time I had a few to choose from. I loved this shoot because we had spectacular light and a beautiful subject… can’t get any better than that!!


Head over to the contest page to check out more of the awesome Faces & Flowers submissions!

ADDED NOTE:  I cannot stand how dark these pictures look once I put them on the web!  Someday I’ll figure it out, but for now just imagine it lighter and more pretty 🙂

Senior Rep Jenn : L’anse Creuse North High School {Michigan Senior Photographer}

May 5, 2010

Jenn and I had to postpone our shoot due to nasty weather, but this past Monday was so absolutely glorious that we hopped in the car and pursued adventure along North Avenue!    We kept looking for cool spots or open fields, and boy did we hit the jackpot… broken down barns, abandoned driveways, a ditch with a very convenient board already in place to stand on… life was good to us! 

Not to mention the FAB. U. LOUS. weather.  I haven’t done much editing on these yet, but here are a couple of my favorites in pre-edited mode… not too shabby, I’d say! 



Jenn is fabulous, but you should see some of the shots I have of her picking her nose… kidding!  🙂

The chair

April 30, 2010

I did an initial post about this chair a few weeks ago and neglected to post anything more about the finished project! 

I started out with a nice little chair I found on Craigslist for $30.  It was definitely in need of a little love, but I had no idea just how much.


After I got into it and really started tearing it apart, I found a lot of interesting things… like the original layer of upholstery fabric under the REALLY BADLY DONE top layer.


Or perhaps a little horsehair stuffing?  So weird… this would be when I was glad I decided to wear gloves for this project.


Once I got all the burlap, strapping, stuffing, upholstery and 7,325,892 upholstery tacks removed, I found this sticker on the inside that gave me some clues to it’s history.


The sticker is from the Phoenix Chair Company of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  When I tried to look up a little of the company’s history, I found that I probably had a legitimate antique chair from sometime around the 1870’s.  Well… I guess it’s too bad it’s getting painted… the folks at the Antiques Roadshow haven’t found out about my indiscretions yet, so keep it quiet.

Then I did a little puttying…putty-ing…puttifying… meh


Then I moved onto painting and a layer of poly to lock in all the freshness. Much like a Ziploc.


See, Antiques Roadshow people?! I left the sticker uncovered so some other schmuck can uncover this thing in 50 years and find out more about it!

I completely biffed documenting the actual reupholstery project.  It’s best that way because I would rather no one know how bush league I am at projects involving math, conceptual space and measuring.  🙂   The Tall Kid (my brother) helped me with this and gave up after a while.  I can’t say I blame him, but it was so sweet of him to make the effort!

Here she is, all clean and new!





It’s too overstuffed, and I want to put a piece on the back (maybe black leather with upholstery tacks all around?!) but for now it’s cute.  And it turned out well in pictures, too!


i ♥ faces – Smiles!

April 26, 2010

For this week’s challenge, I had to submit one of my favorite faces of all time. This kid has a special place in my heart… we laugh and giggle and snuggle. Then I teach him all sorts of inappropriate behaviors and send him home to his mommy.  His recent excitement over his brother’s visit from the Tooth Fairy was enough to keep me laughing for at least a week.  He’s hilarious, adorable, and sassy.

Soooo…. he’s clearly fully awesome.   Not to mention well-dressed!